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Wanna Join Our Happy Home?
Remember - Hearse ownership is NOT a requirement!

Membership has its privileges. As a member, you will receive monthly issues of The Epitaph which will include photos of events and member's cars, a world wide club roster, special mailings for special events, and the opportunity to purchase funeral flags, caskets, and selected club merchandise such as exclusive dis-member-ed jackets and hats at a 20% discount from the regular price. You'll also be entiled to a 5% discount on AAA Collector Car Insurance. Hearse ownership is NOT required for membership. You can currently purchase T-shirts, tank tops and name plates by plundering our crypt. Consider the value of membership in merchandise savings alone. $100.00 in purchases at 20% off saves you $20.00, the cost of membership.

You can apply online with a VISA or Master Card, or you can print this page, fill it out by hand and send it in with your check or money order via snail-mail to:

You could bury two bodies in one grave by ordering merchandise from our crypt and adding that to the membership fees.

Be sure to review our privacy policy.

NOTICE! The automated merchandise/application form uses JavaScript (not to be confused with JAVA) to function. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. If you experience problems, we recommend you . Also, please allow up to 30 days after receipt of your dues to receive your first newsletter(published monthly).

Membership dues are $25.00 annually ($40.00 in U.S. funds for outside the U.S.) and due on January 1st. If you were to join mid-year then the dues shall be pro-rated as follows:
After April 1st, $18.75 ($30.00) and renewable on Jan 1
After June 1st, $12.50 ($20.00) and renewable on Jan 1
After October 1st, $31.25 ($50.00) which also includes the next calendar year.
Please make checks or money orders payable to Phantom Coaches Hearse Club®.



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